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Company Profile

Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes specializes in the development and production of oil presses, oil refining equipment, oil press woks, dryers and other related products. The company is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales. The company cooperates with Shandong Machinery Design and Research Institute and China Agricultural University to develop and apply new technologies in oil machinery, protein preparation and phospholipid extraction. . Since its establishment, the company has brought together a group of scientific and technological elites to innovate independently! The enterprise is crafted with advanced modern management system, and computerized information and production technology are implemented internally for computer management.

Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes consists of the Oil Machinery Design Institute, the Oil Press Department, the Large Oil Equipment Division, the International Trade Department, and the Machinery Equipment Production Department. The business involves small oil press series, grain and oil engineering design, equipment manufacturing and installation, engineering contracting, technical services, new product development, and intensive processing of grease by-products.

Company Details

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Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes recently spent nearly 2.6 million yuan to develop a complete set of processing technology for advanced oil presses, oil refining equipment, etc., not only to ensure the processing accuracy and efficiency of the oil press, but also to ensure the oil press, The quality of products such as oil refining equipment. The various types of oil presses produced by the company can be widely used in the extraction of various vegetable oils such as soybean, peanut, rapeseed, camellia, cottonseed and sesame. The products are manufactured with precision, durable and durable, green pressed, pure oil, high pressure. Cylinder, high oil output, one-time exhaust, low residual oil rate, the machine can be used for cold and hot pressing, wide application, clear oil, easy maintenance, safe and convenient, low price, preferred for business, suitable for large, medium and small Different requirements such as grease processing plants.

These outstanding features of Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes bring more economic benefits and more customers to the factory. Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" policy, open up the market, serve users, and achieved good social and economic benefits, through the ISO9001-2000 quality certification, products have been selling all over the country and exported abroad for many years, Praised by users. Our company is willing to promote customer satisfaction engineering with new technology, reliable quality, favorable price and all users as the center, and sincerely cooperate with new and old customers to create a brilliant new century.


Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes has grown rapidly to become the largest producer and exporter of grain and oil machinery in China with its manufacturing excellence and innovative manufacturing philosophy. Leader will continue to develop new products as always, and transform the world's most cutting-edge new scientific and technological achievements into productivity, making an important contribution to China's oil industry.

Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes will cooperate with you with fast and efficient service and reasonable price with international quality standards: "Quality First, Honest and Trustworthy, Fast Service" will create a good product with excellent performance and excellent quality.

Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes In the increasingly competitive oil equipment industry, we are increasingly aware of the position and role of technical support in the enterprise. Around the fundamental center of the market, we have developed a corresponding corporate development strategy: that in the next three to five years, our core work is:

1. Constantly build and upgrade the “Leader” equipment brand and implement the company's brand awareness.

2. Closely rely on or unite scientific research units, aim at international advanced technology, and align the market demand. On the basis of enterprise strength, gradually increase R&D investment, establish technology core, and establish research, production and sales consortium;

3. Establish a professional quality inspection team, strictly control the manufacturing process of products and social collaborative products, ensure the quality requirements of customers, and improve the comprehensive "sex price" than provide "personal" services;

Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes will stand at a new starting point, cherish every opportunity given by you, and win your trust with the spirit of “Scientific, rigorous, excellence, civilized and efficient, quality first”. .

Business Scope:

★ 1-100T/D oil pretreatment oil extraction equipment,

★ 10-1000T/D comprehensive oil leaching equipment,

★ 5-600T/D continuous and semi-continuous physical refining equipment,

★ 1-10T/D. Small advanced cooking oil batch refining complete set,

★ 2-300T/D grease winter dewaxing and degreasing equipment;

★2-300T/D animal oil vacuum smelting and separation project

★ 10-300T/D plant pigment, tea saponin extraction complete project.

★3-100T/D waste white earth leaching complete project

We provide process design, installation, commissioning, and technical personnel, and undertake relocation, technical transformation, and turnkey projects.

Our Team

We pay great attention to the quality of the project, the progress and the perfect repair service. For each project, the company assigns designers and technical maintenance personnel to track the design according to the specific situation, assign resident engineers to be responsible for the site, maximize the compensation for engineering defects, and provide customers with one year of free maintenance and lifetime maintenance. We provide superior site design solutions that combine functionality, technicality and outstanding creativity throughout the project. Our range of work has always focused on the entire design team's vision, for each customer's mechanical equipment installation process. Conduct quality service. All of our staff who are on the job are equipped with relevant practical work experience. Through careful design planning, each grease refining line is designed to be tailored to each customer. Safeguard customer safety for production.
Since its inception, Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes has infused "the quality is the life of the enterprise, the design is the soul of the enterprise, and the service is the foundation of the enterprise". The corporate philosophy has been injected into the management and management, and the scale has been continuously expanded. Production workshop director, more than 100 workers, more than 10 post-sales personnel (distributed throughout the country)
The company has advanced equipment, complete qualifications and perfect management system. The company's national actual case performance witnessed the strength of the company, and a large number of local equipment installation experience also created a skilled and hard-working team.
Leader Edible Oil Refining Processes After Sales Service:
1. The professional engineer technician is responsible for the commissioning and on-site guidance of the equipment.
2. The products sold by our company realize three packs of years and lifetime maintenance.
3. The technical and service support for the user during the trial run-up period of the equipment, depending on the way the user arrives, will generally not exceed 48 hours.
4. There is a complete spare parts guarantee system.
National platinum equipment advantages:
1. Our company has a professional site planning and design team, and according to your needs, we will do the site planning and design for you as soon as possible.
2, our company has a professional business team, the first time for you to quote the required equipment quotation;
3. Our company has a professional construction team to help you solve various construction difficulties on the construction site.
Although we have achieved great success, we have not taken the achievements we have made in the past as capital, but we have looked at the future, and we have been self-disciplined with a unique business philosophy, excellence in construction, and role-changing services. We are honest and trustworthy. People from all walks of life work together to create high-quality machinery and equipment, and add a beautiful landscape to the society!
Henan National Platinum Company promises:
Service: As long as a phone call, make an appointment to design the site, organize the foundation, quote, and design the site plan;
Consumption: After signing the contract, you only need to pay the contract deposit. After the company delivers the goods to the venue, the remaining payment will be paid. After the production needs are guaranteed, the technician can leave the venue;